Centrifuge Micro 230V FC5513+Rotor
Centrifuge Micro 230V FC5513+Rotor
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Centrifuge Micro 230V FC5513+Rotor

Frontier Micro centrifuges deliver high-speed operation for a range of essential lab applications, such as DNA/RNA preparation, ultrafiltration, and more.
Frontier Micro centrifuges offer a 1,5/2ml microtube rotor with a biocontainment option. Additional rotor options support 5ml microtubes, spin columns, PCR stripes, and hematocrit capillary tubes.

  • Speed Range: 200 rpm ; 13,500 rpm
  • Maximum Capacity(Rotor): 24 x 1.5 / 2.0 ml
  • Rotor In Package: Angle rotor 24 x 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml BIOSEALS
  • Maximum Relative Centrifuge Force (x g): 17.317 g
  • Dimensions: 356 mm x 236 mm x 277 mm
  • Without cooling

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ITEM NUMBER 30370691
Quantity / pk 1
Descript. Without cooling
Max. RCF 17.317 g
Max. rpm 13,500 rpm